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ZKB Tours is compliant with all statutory requirements of the trade according to South African regulatory standardsWe operate in the whole of South Africa and we cross borders. Our office is in Jozini, far north area of Kwa-Zulu Natal, the area which is next to two neighbouring countries border posts i.e Swaziland (Lavumisa boarder gate) and Mozambique (Ponta de euro border gate). People in this area have mixed with Swazi speaking, Thonga speaking and Shangaan speaking languages. Men build their houses with mud blocks and roofs them with grass and reeds sometimes with old rugs.

Life is so simple if you compare this area with some city life. People enjoys this area because of surrounding people atmosphere, they love each other but sometimes bewitch because in this area the lot of people practicing to be traditional healers and sangomas sometimes amathwasa, even young girls can become amathwasa. Most of traditional healers build their household in the bush and takes more than three wives. When one is asked as to why did he take so many wives he would just say because lucky comes with more mouth to feed (inhlanhla iza emilomeni eminingi enikwa ukudla), sometimes they give a so funny answer when you ask some behavior they do.

Our professional staff will best advise you on how to make most of your holiday with wildlife excursion from making itinerary, suggesting most principal wildlife destinations and booking accommodation that offers fully packaged entertainment with fully guided tours and safaris in South Africa. Our staff has visited all various localities we offer and can consequently responsibly advise on the merits of the various options. We also provide private road transfers from Durban and Richards Bay airport to destinations in the Elephant Coast region and between Lodges. Whether you are looking for amazing sunsets, wildlife adventures and traditional tour experience & cultural entertainment or just looking for a relaxing tour, we are the right company to give you that extra ordinary holiday you never had before.

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