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The Beauty And Wonders Of KwaZulu-Natal

ZKB Tours is a tour operations company based in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. We operate in the whole of South Africa and we cross borders to neighbouring countries, we take you to places where one can discover incredible wildlife adventures. We take you to famous regions known of game reserves and national heritage sites. Looking for a transport services you can trust? You have come to a right place! Whether you are looking for a transfer from the airport, to your hotel door or are in search of a reliable company to take on memorable adventures, we are the service that you are looking for! ZKB Tours is a registered travel agency, affiliated with the KZN Tourism Authority. We specialise in flights, accommodation, car hire, vacation packages, honeymoon packages, cruises, conference venues and corporate bookings. We want to make your vacation the best it can possibly be for the lowest price possible. From the time you start planning your vacation to the time you’re back home we are here to help, answer questions and provide the support that you need.

Why Choose Us

Happy Clients

We cater for group tours as well as individual custom tours. Our sales force is our happy clients and partners

Great Choice

Our good tour guides have an in-depth knowledge of the site, its history and importance. They have passion for their subject and can convey their enthusiasm to the group.


Our drivers should be waiting for you, rather than the other way around. Ideally they will ensure that you arrive and depart on time, and do not cause delays.


Here are real testomonies from our stakeholders and clients

  • " This company is FANTASTIC! I highly recommend using them. They were very easy to communicate with and really listened to the experience I wanted to have. All emails and phone calls were always answered within a day, usually less. They had answers to every question I had ("

  • "Thanks for your excellent service in our tour at the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park Game Reserve. We were picked up on time and the driver was fantastic. The tour Guide provide us detailed information about Environment and Biodiversity around Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park and Beyond. I definitely recommend zkbtour as the best tour service in Kwa-Zulu Natal. "

    Thokozani Mlambo
    Community Conservation Liaison
  • " I would like to thank you for your good service of transporting children from Jozini to Somkhanda Game Reserve, timing wise excellent and communication now and again. I truly believe that we will work with you in the future. Keep up your standard of good service."


Recommended Destinations

We operate mainly in the Lebombo Mountains, a place where one can discover incredible wildlife adventures

The Zulu Kingdom

Explore in depth the fantastic heritage and cultural aspects of this beautiful place with one of our cultural tours .
So join us

The Shakaland

Shakaland’s accommodation features authentic African decor, complete with wooden interiors, thatched roofs and an earthy, warm ambience.

Bhekamanzi Cultural Village

An authentic traditional rustic Ama-Thonga accommodation facility. Get in touch with your roots and the simpler ways of celebrating & living life.

Tembe Elephant Park

Here is a place in Africa where the wild elephants still roam and still tramp their ancient pathways through dense sand-forest and tall yellow grass

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve

The Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve in the KwaZulu-Natal province is a safe haven for endangered black and white rhino, along with the rest of the Big Five, namely lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo.

Isimanagaliso Wetland Park

An overwhelming diversity of flora and fauna. The park, formerly known as the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, is a prime destination for those looking for a combination of marine splendour and pristine beaches.

Battle of Tshaneni

A major battle of the war where the uSuthu, supported by the Boers under Lukas Meyer, defeated Chief Zibhebhu and the Mandlakazi.Zibhebhu kaMaphitha (1841–1904) (also called Usibepu/Ziphewu) was a Zulu chief. After the defeat of the Zulu Kingdom by the British, he attempted to create his own independent kingdom. From 1883 to 1884, he fought the Zulu king Cetshwayo, inflicting a series of defeats on him.

Border Cave Ingodini

Border Cave is a rock shelter on the western scarp of the Lebombo Mountains in KwaZulu-Natal near the border between South Africa and Swaziland. Border Cave has a remarkably continuous stratigraphic record of occupation spanning about 200 ka. Anatomically modern Homo sapiens skeletons together with stone tools and chipping debris were recovered. Dating by Carbon-14, amino acid racemisation and electron spin resonance places the oldest sedimentary ash at some 200 kiloannum

Hlatikulu where king Dingaan was buried

In 1840 king Dingane of the Zulus was defeated by his brother Mpande. He was forced to flee to the Gwaliweni (Hlatikulu) forest in the Lebombo mountains. He was later murdered there by a group of Swazi and Nyawo warriors.. He set up his royal capital UmGungundlovu, and one of numerous military encampments or kraals, in the Emakhosini valley just south of the White Umfolozi River on the slope of Lion Hill (Singonyama).

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